Pasta alla Norma

This delicious and super easy pasta dish is typically Sicilian, from Catania. You can use spaghetti, rigatoni (which I did) or any other pasta you prefer.

The flavours of tomato, aubergine, red wine, capers and garlic are incredible. It’s also super easy. You cannot mess this up, trust me.

Slice up some aubergine and fry gently in olive oil until soft. Throw in garlic, capers, basil and oregano. Stir in 1 can of tomatoes, a splash of red wine and simmer. Toss in your pasta and top it with ricotta salata or pecorino romano. Bellissima!

While I followed Jamie Oliver’s recipe as a guide – and it turned out great – I’d also try¬†The New York Times recipe which adds ricotta salata which is more authentic.

Pasta alla Norma3

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