Eggs Benedict

Back in the States, I would look forward to the weekend for the sole reason of brunch. Waffles, omelettes, pancakes, bacon, hash browns, sausage, cheese. It’s indulgent, full of fat and carbs, and typically American. The Brits have the Full English which is just as delicious (and a great hangover cure). Washed down with a Bloody Mary or Mimosa? Yes please.

Eggs Benedict is my favourite choice for brunch. It’s the perfect combo of everything I love about breakfast/brunch food topped together on one dish. It’s easy to screw up hollandaise sauce though, which is key in getting this dish right.

Sparrow Cafe on Acton Lane in Chiswick does an incredible job. Toasted English muffin, spinach, smoked salmon, a perfectly poached egg and delicious hollandaise sauce. In fact, everything on their menu that I’ve tried so far has been fantastic. It’s more than just a breakfast joint. They have a huge menu for what you’d assume is a greasy spoon (it’s not, trust me). They have healthy options for breakfast, nothing is dripping with oil or grease, they offer plenty of side dishes to make your own perfect brunch – and they serve lunch too – burgers, sandwiches, fish, meatloaf, chilli con carne, daily specials. Everything is served quickly without losing quality.

It’s a great place overall. The girls that run the place are so passionate about what they do and always have a smile on their face. If you live in West London, get over there and try their Eggs Benedict. And grab a piece of their Naughty Banana loaf on your way out.

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